Fact-Finding Tours

We specialize in high-end travel arrangements for busy CEOs, and understand the importance of guaranteeing their full compliance with regulatory requirements, particularly when US business executives are involved.  We have experience structuring custom tours that maximize executives’ limited time, without sacrificing luxury.

Any size group is welcome, but we encourage small groups confined to a single sector because they are generally more efficient. We can arrange first class private accommodations and transportation, but also have access to a wide variety of hotels.  Either way, we guarantee that lodging complies with all US regulatory requirements whenever necessary.


If you plan to meet with anyone of consequence in Cuba you must come on a business visa – we can help secure one.  The single exception to this rule is the annual international business fair in Havana: FIHAV, which is held the first week of November every year.  A “tourist” class visa is sufficient to participate at this fair, where Cuban executives are available to talk with anyone within the confines of the fairgrounds, without need for a business visa.

Air Travel

We recommend that you make your own air travel arrangements, Currently this means one of the major airlines serving Cuba (American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest).  For non-US clients we have experience assisting with the landing and hangar logistics in Cuba for private jets.  We expect it will not be long before the U.S. reopens this option for its executives.  If you prefer to travel as a group on a commercial flight, we can help book that for you.


Take a look at one of our sample case studies, with the Executive Board of the National Retail Federation, to see how we organized their visit, and appreciate the difference it makes to have a full-time team on the ground, experienced in facilitating business exploration.


Part of the advantage in working with in-country consultants is that they can do site visits for you and provide you all the intelligence you desire, at a much lower cost.  There’s also no substitute for firsthand experience.  Just be aware that in Cuba, things don’t always function the way you expect.  Here’s an example.