About ICARUS – Cuba

For more than half a century, business executives outside Cuba have been getting their information about the country from people who simply aren’t there.

At the Cuba branch of International Consulting & Representation Services (ICARUS) we offer a different approach. Legally incorporated in the United States, but with full-time offices in Cuba as well as the U.S., we only work with analysts who still live and work in Cuba.

Cuba is not frozen in time.  It’s constantly changing, and the curve of change is incredibly steep.  It’s impossible to deliver up-to-the minute information without being on the ground, personally checking and re-checking sources, contrasting conflicting reports, doing site-visits, talking to people firsthand.  We select our analysts on the basis of their professional experience in the field in question, and we’re not just talking shop – we have a proven track record.  Our chief analyst began producing custom market studies for foreign companies looking to enter the Cuban market in the late 1990’s, when Cuba first opened to foreign capital.

We take pride in providing the most objective, current data possible on Cuban market conditions and current competition.  If an investment makes sense, we’ll explain why and provide a detailed roadmap to head toward negotiations. If it doesn’t, we’ll explain that too, saving our clients’ valuable time and money.

Our product is information.  Direct from the source, business-focused, free of ideological bias.  Ahead of the curve.  See you in Havana.