• July 2017: Presentation at ALEC Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado
  • July 2017: “Doing Business in Cuba Seminar” co-sponsored by the World Trade Center Denver and Holland & Hart
  • July 2016: “Doing Business in Cuba Seminar” co-sponsored by the World Trade Center Utah and the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce.
  • Cuban market introduction for National Retail Federation Executive Board (November 2015).  In partnership with Cuban Chamber of Commerce, meetings were arranged with senior representatives from Cuba’s Ministries of Domestic Commerce and Foreign Trade & Investment, plus executive management at Cuba’s top retail entities.  Legal openings and examples under the current system were suggested, for US retailers interested in establishing early brand awareness.
  • Study performed for a Dutch firm specializing in coastal construction and dredging, with an extensive maritime fleet and large civil engineering projects around the globe, particularly in Latin America. Analysis included dredging operations, beach restoration and marina construction, as well as an evaluation of the Cuban enterprises offering maritime construction services. A profile was created for the Dutch firm to open its negotiations, through a complete market analysis that included a detailed explanation of the legal framework in Cuba, and analysis of the project’s potential.
  • Complex study performed for a Canadian company investigating the possibilities for veal production in Cuba. This study analyzed not only the production possibilities for the Cuban market but the export possibilities for the nearby Caribbean. It included detailed profiles of the three existing cattle ranching and meat processing companies on the island and provided a detailed explanation of the regulatory framework for such operations, including guarantees for investors and tax policy. The rules and requirements established for negotiations with Cuban companies were described and a list included of key decision makers with their profiles.
  • Market study for a Norwegian company interested in building a theme park in Cuba. The study included an analysis of the different kinds of theme parks that might be built in Cuba and provided alternative suggestions for the Norwegians, defining the Cuban contacts with whom they would need to negotiate and the possible sites for the park. A feasibility study was also performed evaluating the project’s footprint. The Norwegian company established itself in Cuba one year later.


  • The Gordian Knot – IcarusCuba study of financial claims between the U.S. and Cuba.
  • English: GordianKnot 
  • Spanish: Nudogordiano.rev   gordian knot cuba US

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