The more you understand the Cuban business process, the better positioned you are to make a decision about engaging (or not).  Our seminars offer the most up to date information possible about investment and project openings and are tailored to the client’s needs, focusing on specific sectors or more comprehensive overviews and introductions.  Investment in Cuba is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and  investing in tourism facilities is not the same as investing in light industry, oil exploration or retail.  Each sector has its peculiarities, its level of development, its infrastructure, rules, advantages and disadvantages.

We can offer seminars in Cuba or outside the country – whichever you prefer. 

Our general seminars at US World Trade Centers have offered general overviews in a limited time, with brief introductions to the sectors of greatest interest for local businesses new to the Cuban market. Individual follow-up meetings were provided to participants looking for more specific information relative to their businesses.  

  • Introduction: Brief introduction to IcarusCuba LLC, our objectives, background and strengths.
  • Cuba’s Economy: Abbreviated history and main economic indicators.
  • Business Opportunities in Cuba: Opportunities that exist within the openings resulting from new bilateral relations. General overview of the legal framework in both countries.
  • Import/Export Process: General information that includes U.S. export licensing requirements, Cuban customs duties, norms, required certifications, labeling, paperwork.
  • Sector-specific opportunities: High-tech/telecom sector exports. Exportation of medical equipment, medicines and raw materials for their production. Explanation of realities governing current imports of Cuban goods and services, current investment possibilities, and possible future openings.
  • The Cuban business process: Characteristics of the Cuban market and consumer. Characteristics of Cuban business executives. Negotiating strategies. Strategies for market entry. Norms for Cuban business meetings.