Market Studies

Anyone looking to invest in Cuba is already late to the game.  The competition is already there. Being in-country, we are your eyes and ears, without the pressure of visa deadlines, flight schedules, or travel budgets.  We can take the time to perform a thorough market survey and evaluate the real possibilities for any product or service not only within the current context, but moving forward.

Feasibility studies are another key element in the Cuban business process in the public sector.  No foreign capital investment project will be green-lighted without a feasibility study.  We can perform those too, and unlike almost all of our competitors, have real experience under our belt, so we know what elements Cuban governmental agencies are looking to see.

For example, our chief analyst performed a study for a Dutch firm specializing in coastal construction and dredging.  The firm had an extensive maritime fleet and large civil engineering projects around the globe, especially in Latin America. His analysis included a full review of dredging operations, beach restoration and marina construction, as well as an evaluation of the Cuban companies that were already offering maritime construction services. A profile was created for the Dutch firm to open its negotiations, through a complete market analysis that included a detailed explanation of the legal framework in Cuba, and evaluation of the project’s potential.

Another study performed by our chief analyst involved a request from a Canadian company to investigate the possibilities for veal production in Cuba. This study analyzed not only production possibilities for the Cuban market but export possibilities to the Caribbean basin. It included detailed profiles of the three existing cattle ranching and meat processing companies on the island and provided a detailed explanation of the regulatory framework for such operations, including guarantees for investors and tax policy. The rules and requirements established for negotiations with Cuban companies were described and a list included of key decision makers with their profiles.