FIHAV 2019

FIHAV 2019 – Havana International Business Fair

The prime business opportunity of the year is coming up November 4 – 8 in Havana and we are delighted to be partnering with Cuba Business Report on curated visits for business executives from the United States and other countries.

Why attend FIHAV now?

FIHAV is a moment that only comes once a year, where it’s possible to meet Cuban managers and business directors from all of Cuba’s business sectors, in one place, during the course of a single week. These meetings would take far more time, effort and expense to arrange independently.

Why should a US Business attend FIHAV now?

Despite the negative press over the past two years about doing business in Cuba, it’s important to remember that there is not much substance behind it.  Aside from the White House edict that erased cruise ship visits overnight and the elimination of the people to people group travel category, regulations for US companies doing business in Cuba have not changed substantially. It is still completely legal to investigate the market and competitors, and even possible to build brand awareness.  The embargo remains the biggest impediment to unfettered operations in Cuba between US companies and their foreign competitors – this is as true in 2019 as it was in 2016, or 2013, or 2003.

Investment opportunities, largely off limits to US businesses right now, should be studied and understood, in order to gain first mover advantage against other US competitors the moment the regulatory environment improves. Because it will.  Long term, a presence in Cuba is also beneficial for other Latin American business operations, as Cuba has developed deep and lasting commercial ties with the rest of the continent.

Why come to FIHAV with Cuba Business Report?

Cuba Business Report has established a reputation as North America’s leading source for unbiased reporting on business developments in Cuba, and as far as we’re concerned, this lack of bias gives it the premium edge. It’s easy to find negative and critical reporting about Cuba, or consultants whose perspective is equally negative. We’re not interested in that approach.

At IcarusCuba we’ve always prided ourselves as extending the same kind of unbiased assistance to business owners and managers who need to understand Cuba’s real business environment, and how their competitors are operating in the country. We’re proud to be working with Cuba Business Report, to help executives understand the reality on the ground, and we have access to a broad range of experts with real world experience in Cuba, to serve as a guide.

All IcarusCuba / Cuba Business Report FIHAV participants will receive:

  • Accreditation (exhibitor or professional visitor)Business Seminar followed by welcome cocktail 
  • Overview of current Cuban business procedures, market and investment possibilities
  • Overview of current US regulations and current experience with US business negotiations in Cuba
  • Lodging
  • Ground transportation

Custom arrangements available at additional cost:

  • Generic exhibition space
  • Custom exhibition space
  • Exhibit design and construction
  • Shipping assistance
  • Investment Forum participation
  • Spanish interpretation services
  • Upgraded lodging (VIP or high end)
  • Upgraded transportation (chauffered)
  • Cuban telecom service (cell/wifi)
  • Assistance with business visas (tourist visas are sufficient for all meetings conducted at FIHAV site. Off-site meetings will require business visas.)
  • Concierge services (restaurant reservations, guided tours, cultural activities, recreation arrangements)

To confirm your interest in attending FIHAV with Cuba Business Report & IcarusCuba, please complete the form below. If you have additional questions, please contact us directly at or fihav@cubabusinessreport.

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